N Seoul Tower


Last year in October 2014 I went on a tour to South Korea with Chan Brothers. I was afraid of the language barrier and I wanted to see as much places of interest as possible in my time South Korea. So going on a tour was my best bet ;D

DSC_2159 DSC_2251 IMG_0897 DSC_2011


So here how I spent my 1 day at Seoul. Upon arriving to Seoul we went to Skin Anniversary Town followed by Sightseeing at N Seoul Tower , Gyeongbok Palace and an ice gallery. N Seoul Tower was my favourite place for day the scenic view was breathtaking whether your at the top of the tower or just below walking around. So the minus point of being in a tour is that your always pressed for time. As such I’m saving some pictures for a photo diary at the end. Do keep a look out πŸ˜€

Top : Β Cotton On

Jacket : Thrift Find

Jeans : Levis

Shoes : Dr Marten’s

Bag : G Aries

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