Road Tip Off to Melaka 2014

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Yup don’t blink your eyes… what you’re seeing is right its 2014… oh man I know I’m late but better late than never… time to put it as my New Years Resolution don’t you think so haha…

So last year I went on a mini road trip to my neighbouring country Malaysia off to place called Melaka… I call it mini cause  I went there for 2 day 1 night… When I first step foot there I was in aww by the architecture… Well Singapore also has similar type of architecture but being there feels like time has stopped at a certain era transporting you back in time …

Being someone who enjoys food I had to try some Melaka Delicacies like the chicken rice ball and chendol a desert with ice palm sugar green jelly and red beans… Yummy 😛 **just licking my lips think about it** haha…

Top :  Punk Star (old)

Skort : Faire Belle 

Slipper :  Messy (old)

Bag : Hilly (Thrift Find)

Thanks so much for reading my blog 😀

Happy Mid Week Everyone !!!


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