Mono Flip

arriolabyirina-DSC_1385 arriolabyirina-DSC_1394 arriolabyirina-DSC_1405 arriolabyirina-DSC_1398

I feel so good to be back here … after being busy for the past weeks … If you follow me on Instagram you would know that I just came back from South Korea not too long ago and that I cut my hair short well not short short like a boy’s cut but like above my shoulders below my ears kinda short … To get the low down of my life and what I’m up too follow me on Instagram @arriolabyirina …  Waiting for you to swing by and visit me … I’m learning to post more on Instagram (please be patient)

Now back to my long hair outfit photos 😉 Black and white outfit are making a come back guess it fits cause the weather is getting gloomy even In Sunny Singapore where it keeps on raining (even now as i write this post haha )

Top :  Uniqlo

Skirt : Love Bonito

Shoes : Xccelerate

Thanks so much for reading my blog 😀


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