My Barbie Nails

When i first painted this this nail colour i really didn’t like it to the point that i wanted to clean them off straight away … It was just too pink for me …

On the other hand i felt that it was such a waste … So i dig around my nail polish stack and i found this bottle of BarryM Nail Polish … I thought it was a shear black nail polish with pink glitter … Thinking that the sear black could kill some of the pinkness of the nail polish  … Haha but i guess i was wrong … cause when i painted it on the pink it turned out to be black tiny glitter with pink one … I was quite surprise with how it turned out and i really started to like this nail polish put together … What do you think ??? Do you Love it or Hate it ???

Base : Daiso Nail Sparks #5

Glitter Top : Nail Paint by BarryM.

Thanks co much for reading my blog 😀


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