Pocket Diary Jaipur



Before going to India, Jaipur i really didn’t know what to expect. So i went there with a really curious pair of eyes haha… One thing that I saw that really made my heart sink was the floating palace … From seeing the Palace I got a chance to see what global warming is doing to this earth ;( …  In the above picture the people of India call it the floating palace but as you can see it is sinking due to the rising sea levels …Let all do our part for the earth and prevent this from happening to other part of the world … I must say  the people of India are really talented the beautiful paint works that they do on their pick-up,trucks and building are really amazing i was in aw …  You don’t really find these types of art work in Singapore like 99% are all digital art work … Fashion in India is the place where you can wear bright colors from head to toe and no one would say anything or give you weird looks haha … Don’t be afraid to wear colour when your in India

Pocket Diary is a little personal thought diary of Irina Arriola

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