arriolabyirina on Instagram &

arriolabyirina on Instagram &

 Beautiful evening sky with a gleams of the moon

arriolabyirina on Instagram &

Yummy Hokkien Mee at Tiong Bahru Area

 PS: If your around the area you should go and try … truly mouthwatering

arriolabyirina on Instagram &

Gloomy morning weather that i experienced while working

arriolabyirina on Instagram &

 And i finally got to try it 🙂 … Lao Ban (Old Companion in chinese)Bean curd

It is different  from the usual bean curd the texture is smother and it does not have any sugar syrup …

arriolabyirina on Instagram &

A beautiful insect after a pouring morning

arriolabyirina on Instagram &

Teh and Potato Curry puff for an afternoon snack…

I really like coffee shop milk tea haha …

Its made up of Lipton tea and Nestle Carnation Milk…

YUMMY!  Singapore taste …

Hope your having a great day ahead ;D

Well if you have been following me on Instagram or …

you will know that i love to take pictures of food … Haha …

Singapore is filled with lots of yummy food but you have got to hunt for them haha …

This post is fill with lots of food pictures seem more like a food blog … haha

Hope you enjoyed looking at them … and … that it did make you feel a little hungry 😛

Thanks so much for reading 😀

Photo are taken from my iPhone 3Gs and edited on


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