Machinery ….

I was given the opportunity to see some really huge machinery. I have always been fascinated by machinery, architecture it always leaves me is Aww … but fashion and arts are still my true love. Well may-be thats why I’m in the construction industry.

But this machinery that i went to see is being used in the ports (not the usual that you see in construction sites) to stack and carry container to there location. So you can imagine just how huge they are.

Still can’t imagine that man can create all this. Just look at how fascinating you are 😀

So here is the look i wore. Jeans is a must if not long pants to keep you safe and flat covered shoes it is still best to buy safety shoes if you stay on construction sites all the time. Safety is the most important aspect when you go to these types of places.

Thanks so much for reading by Blog 😀

Shirt : Thrifted

Spaghetti Tank Top : Forever 21

Jeans : Pull and Bear

Bag : Thrifted

Shoes Hush Puppies


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