Metallic with a twist…

Metallic with a twist

Metallic with a twist

Metallic with a twist

Neon pink: Hi I’m back hehe

Metallic: Haha not only your back but I’m back Muahaha

Metallic: I’m the genuine one unlike you. Your just the same colour. Nothings different about you  😛

Neon pink: At least I’m a colour that is loved thats why i have a sister unlike you ….

Neon pink: go enjoy your own sad life Muahahaha

Thats what happens when two colors battle it out they get half each hehe.

A simple mani with a Neon pink base and a thin metallic tip. Elianto is a nail polish brand that i like its from Korea but you can only get them in Malaysia haven’t seen their stall in Singapore yet. I got this bottle from the other time my family and I crossed the border to have a meal and enjoy some family time. Every time my best friend goes to Malaysia i always ask her to buy them for me. Love them, cause their formula is really smooth and it is not very pricy. So if you go to Malaysia and see their stall do go in and try their polish 😀

Base Colour / Thick French Tip : Elianto S11

Thin French Tip : Nature Republic BK002


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