SASAtinnie Q10

SASAtinnie Q10I got this bottle of polish at SASA

SASAtinnie Q10This polish has tiny red  flaky  and blue and red glitter.

SASAtinnie Q10

It will look very nice as a full nail polish too.But i like my nails to be in french tips. 😉

But the colour doesn’t show up so well

you got to do many coats to get the beautiful rich colour (at the tips).

**PS: I did 5 coats on the french tip to get the rich colour.

So if your intending to buy do be aware. 🙂

First i did two coats on the french tip.

Followed by the same colour at 2 different length.

And finally another layer at the french tip .

Thanks so much for reading my blog.

and i hope you like this mani 😀

Nail Polish : sasatinnie Q10

Super Dolly Fantasy Colour – Quick Dry


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