Daiso Winmax Pedicure #12

Daiso Winmax Pedicure #12

i did French tip with a faux OPI that i got from a flea.

It reminds me of one the nail polish from China Glaze. Cant remember whats its called.

Than i did 2 layers of Daiso Winmax Pedicure #12 at different lengths.

Thanks so much for reading hope it inspires you to try and layer your nail polish???

Daiso Winmax Pedicure #12

The glitter effect did not come out so well in this picture but you can see how nice the faux OPI turned out. ;D

Its got a metallic look to it.

Daiso Winmax Pedicure #12

And here are the 2 bottles that i used. Took pictures of them in the afternoon sun.

Hopefully you can see their beautiful colour ???

Thanks so much for reading.

French tip : Faux OPI

Glitter : Daiso Winmax Pedicure #12


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